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Our Activities

Something For Everyone

Get Imaginative

Let your childs imagination soar through our dramatic play zone.  Pretend to be a vet, a real estate agent or a customer at the grocery store. 

Who do you want to be today?

This interactive space is connected to our messy play zones and children are free to travel from one station to another. 

Get Comfortable

We get that not every day is an easy day and we understand that sometimes you need a bit of help.  We got you!  Come to The Family Room and let your kids explore while you take a break in our living room.  This is a judgement free zone so if you want to be on your phone, do some work or play with your kids, you do you!  We also have our super awesome messy art director on site to show you and your kids all the fun stuff they can do....oh and they have the coffee and the wifi password too!

Get Moving

We want to make sure that our littlest guests have a safe place to hang out when they visit The Family Room, that's why we have created our soft play zone for little ones that are under 1 year.  This zone is filled with soft play equipment, a ball bit and other fun activities to encourage development in our littles friends. And it is connected to our living room so moms can keep a close eye.

Get Creative

At The Family Room we believe messy kids are happy kids!  And parents are happy too because they leave the mess with us.  Let your curious little one explore our 8' paint wall, imaginative village, sensory station and sandbox. There are unlimited possibilities for them to use their creativity and explore all sorts of new and exciting things.

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