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Drop In

Drop in runs daily from Monday-Friday 9:30am-12:30pm 

Daily Drop In Fee (Per Visit):

Adult + 1 Child = $12 + tax

Every additional child or adult =

$6 + tax 

Family Room Bundle:

Four guests(must be accompanied by 1 adult) = $20 + tax

*must be from same household*

All children must be supervised at all times


*Price Includes Daily Circle Time & Inclusion Support 

Special Events:

Please note that on certain days, we will run special events that will include a premium drop in rate per person 


Daily Circle Time

Structured opportunities for your child to participate during our regular drop in, at not additional cost!


Get ready for:


Songs & Singalongs

Imitation Skills


Story Time

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

No circle time on special event drop in days


Inclusion Support

At the AC Family Room, we want to provide opportunities to support parents and help children engage with their child participate in free play, structured activities or interact with peers using naturalistic teaching strategies.


Using natural environment teaching, our Family Room Hosts will provide strategies to help make you and your child's experience at the Family Room fun and meaningful, while learning new skills to take home with you.

Inclusion support is a great opportunity for:


  • parents looking for different/new ways to socialize or play with their child

  • parents who want to expand their child's language

  • parents who want to bond more with their child's interests

  • families looking to connect with other families with similar needs

Tuesdays & Thursdays


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