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Birthday Party Packages

Make our family room your own and celebrate your birthdays and special milestones!

CLICK BELOW to request for your preferred dates and times!

What does the party include: 

  • Exclusive use of facility with 30 minute set up before, 2.5 hour party and 30 minute take down 

  • 1 party host to help set up, take down and time manage party 

  • 2x6 foot tables and 20 chairs plus two additional small tables upon request  

  • Free return for birthday child within 12 months

  • If you need more setup time we recommend that you book two party slots back to back to avoid disappointment

Frequently Ask Questions:

  • Can I bring my own food?

    • Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food for the party. Please note that ACFR is a nut-friendly zone. We have a small bar fridge but this is meant to store milk and cream so we advise that if you want cold drinks to consider bringing coolers. 

  • Do you have high chairs?

    • Yes, we have 3 hair chairs.

  • Can we have more than 60 guests? 

    • Our facility capacity is 60 guests, including newborns, children and adults. We recommend no more than 30 children to ensure the event runs smoothly for everyone. 

  • Can I cancel or change my party?  

    • You can cancel your party 7 days prior to the event and receive a full refund or credit. Your credit is valid for 12 months from the date of booking. 

  • Can I come early to set up for my party? 

    • You are provided 30 minutes prior to your party to set up. The party host can help you bring stuff into the facility and help set you up in the party room. If you need more setup time we recommend that you book two party slots back to back to avoid disappointment. 

  • How long can guests stay?

    • All party slots are 2.5 hours in duration. Party guests must leave before the 30 minute take down time. If you need more time,we recommend that you book back to back slots. 

  • Do adults and children need to wear socks? 

    • Yes, everyone is required to wear socks for hygiene purposes. No indoor shoes are permitted. If you or a guest forget socks, you can purchase a pair for $2. 

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