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New Covid Protocols

We are so excited to have you and your family back to The Family Room. 

We will be opening again but with strict protocols in place. 

By working together with us during these times we can make The Family Room a safe space to visit again!

Masks Required

All visitors will be required to wear a mask unless for medical reasons or special circumstances. Children under 2 are not required to wear masks. 

We will have masks available to purchase at the door if you forget yours.

Hand Hygiene

Before entering the space we ask that you sanitize your hands with the sanitizer provided. Each time you or a member of your family uses the washroom please ensure proper hand washing. Please make use of the sanitizer provided around The Family Room as well. We will also ask that if you plan on using your phone that you sanitize the case before use. 

Covid Screening

Upon entry we ask that you scan our QR code and answer some questions related to Covid screening.  This will help us with Covid tracing and ensuring your safety

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